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Josie Canseco Net Worth 2022

Josie Canseco in Milan, Italy
Popularly known asJosie Canseco
Real NameJosephine Marie Canseco
Birth DateNovember 5, 1996
Place of BirthWeston, Florida, USA
Height5’9″ / 175 cm
Bust32″ / 81 cm
Waist23″ / 58 cm
Hips34″ / 86 cm
Shoe8 US / 38.5 EU
FatherJose Canseco
MotherJessica Canseco
Sun SignScorpio

Josie Canseco is a 25-years-old American model, actress, and famous internet personality.

She was discovered by top modeling agencies in 2015 when her photos at the Coachella Music Festival went viral. The photos were taken by Bryant Enslava and was featured on Canseco along with her best friend, Charlotte D’Alessio, who also received several modeling offers following the incident.

What is Josie Canseco’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Josie Canseco currently has an estimated net worth between $1 – 1.4 million.

Canseco’s main source of income is from her modelling career.

She has worked with high-end brands like Moschino, Victoria’s Secret, Frankies Bikinis and many more.

According to Indeed, an average model earns around $76,224 per year. However, she must be earning almost double, i.e. around $100,000 – $150,000 per year. She has grossed an undisclosed but good amount from her modelling career.

If we consider the fact that she has been working as a model for 6 years now (from 2015 to 2021), she must have made around, $150,000 x 6 years = $900,000.

She also has a whopping 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 103k followers on Twitter which makes her social media a great platform for sponsorships and collaborations.

During her teenage years, she appeared in the VH1’s show Hollywood Exes with her mother – Jessica Canseco.

She has also featured in the second season of the famous show named SummerBreak 2.

Considering her successful modeling career which involves several major fashion brands and being cast along with models like Haley Baldwin, it is no surprise that Josie Conseco’s estimated net worth is around $1 – $1.4 million.

Josie Canseco’s Family

She is the only daughter of Jose Canseco, a retired Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and designated hitter (DH), and Jessica Canseco, a popular television personality.

Her parents are divorced for the last two decades and her mother was married to the renowned plastic surgeon, Garth Fisher.

Jose Canseco is a Cuban-American and after he retired from MLB, he continued playing for minor-league teams. He has also competed in boxing and martial arts.

Jessica Canseco currently lives in California and runs her own business as a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist.

Josie Canseco’s Tattoos

She has eight tattoos on her body, which suggest she likes being inked.

One of them is her mother’s name on the back of her neck.

A minimal elephant tattoo on Josie’s arm was inked by Jonboytattoo.

She also has a tattoo saying HOPELESS ROMANTIC on her bicep and no hard feelings on her shoulder blade.

Josie Canseco’s Career

Although she didn’t get her major breakthrough until 2015, she did enjoy the privileges of being a celeb kid. She got to be a model for brands like Hollister without signing up to any agency. She has starred in the internet web series SummerBreak 2 in 2014. She has also made brief appearances on Hollywood Exes alongside her parents in 2012.

Later she moved to New York to pursue a full-time career in modeling and signed with Next Models.

Check-out these rare pics of Josie Canseco from the Next Models.

In 2016, she was crowned the Playboy Playmate of the June month.

In 2017, Canseco auditioned for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Due to a little mishap with her heel getting stuck in the carpet that made her trip, she couldn’t make it to the list. Nevertheless, she didn’t lose her grit and made her debut in the 2018’s show.

Josie Canseco’s Relationships

Canseco’s dating life has always been the center of attention for the paparazzi.

She dated rapper Mike Stud from November 2015 to January 2019. During this time, she starred in his music video Anyone Else.

Check-out the video below which features Josie Canseco.

Mike Stud – Anyone Else (official video)

She was later rumored to be dating DJ Sam Brody Jenner but it lasted only a couple of months.

She’s been in an on-and-off relationship with Logan Paul since 2020. They’ve flaunted their relationship on Instagram with cute pictures and lovey-dovey captions. But in February 2021, Paul revealed on the 237th episode of his podcast, IMPAULSIVE that they have called it off.

Here’s the clip from the podcast.


She is currently rumored to be seeing internet personality, Bryce Hall. Though Canseco has denied the rumors, Hall’s reply has got fans hoping for it. We’re yet to see what the future holds for them.

In the past, there were rumors that she might be dating Justin Bieber. But it turned out, they were only nightclub buddies.

In March 2021, after G-Eazy broke up with Ashley Benson, he was spotted cozying up with Canseco but she later confirmed that they were nothing but good friends.

She is also friends with A-listers like Halsey and Tyga.

Interesting Facts About Josie Canseco

  • Canseco loves black color.
  • Her favorite food is salad and her favorite drink is fruit juice.
  • Her favorite actor is Tom Cruise and her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.
  • Of all the travel destinations, she thinks Paris is the best.
  • Her story updates on Instagram sometimes feature her adorable doggo Ronald and we could never get enough of the cuteness.
  • Her envious figure is the result of great genetics, a rigorous workout routine, and a strict diet plan. She loves cycling and takes boxing classes weekly. She is a regular at Doug Pound Gym, the famous fitness center in NYC and at times, she is spotted attending indoor cycling sessions at SoulCycle.
  • She doesn’t stick to only one workout plan and also shares some of her routines on her social media handles.
  • She includes loads of veggies and good protein in her diet. Being an animal lover, she doesn’t consume meat and poultry. As she is allergic to nuts, fish and seafood are her favorite sources of protein. She does indulge in cravings once a week but makes sure to even it out during the next day’s gym session.
  • She has been a dancer since her childhood and plans to open a dance studio in the future.
  • She also loves playing golf and traveling. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of dreamy vacations.
  • She is an animal lover and grew up volunteering at shelters. She hopes to set up a non-profit organization for neglected animals.

There’s no doubt that Josie Canseco is a multi-talented youngster with several achievements to her name. Looking at her rising popularity, we guess she’ll surpass her parents’ fame in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Josie Canseco

Who is Josie Canseco?

Josephine Marie Canseco is a professional American model who rose to fame after her photos at Coachella Music Festival went viral in 2015.

How old is Josie Canseco?

Josie Canseco is 25-years-old. She was born on 5 November, 1996.

Who is Josie Canseco’s father and mother?

Josie Canseco was born to Jose Canseco (father) and Jessica Canseco (mother). Her father is a former Major League Baseball outfielder while mother is a television show personality and currently runs a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in California.

What does Josie Canseco do for a living?

Josie Canseco works in the modelling industry for living. She has collaborated with big brands like Victoria’s Secret, PlayBoy, Galore and many more.

How many tattoos does Josie Canseco has on her body?

Josie Canseco loves getting inked. She currently has eight tattoos.

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