Did Ferrari Sue WhistlinDiesel?

Money can buy you happiness, but not a Ferrari!

Owning a Ferrari supercar is a dream for many, but with limited supply and strict rules for potential customers, purchasing Ferrari’s Prancing Horse is a privilege for the select few.

The rules include only using Ferrari’s approved garages, avoiding modifications, and never messing with Ferrari’s brand image. If you want to sell your car, Ferrari reserves the right of first refusal. They even prohibit customers from re-selling their cars within the first year.

No matter who you are, breaking the rules results in swift legal action or being banned from buying future Ferraris. They’ve banned 50 Cents for calling his Ferrari 488 a “lemon”, Justin Bieber for removing the logo from his steering wheel, and Nicolas Cage for selling his Ferrari below market value.

So when extreme truck YouTuber WhistlinDiesel got his hands on a beautiful red Ferrari F8, it’s no wonder car lovers all over the internet sat up and took notice.

What Did WhistlinDiesel Do To Provoke Ferrari?

It would be easier to say what he didn’t do!

WhistlinDiesel aka Cody Detwiler is known for wrecking expensive cars in new and creative ways. When he bought the Ferrari F8 in pristine condition, his fans brought out the popcorn, convinced a cease and desist letter would soon be coming his way.

He starts by asking what you think when you hear “Ferrari.” His friend Keller Moore replies, “Fast red sports cars.” WhistlinDiesel corrects him, saying, “No, Keller, the lawsuits.”

WhistlinDiesel knew the possible consequences of destroying a Ferrari in front of millions of viewers. And he was ready to make it the show of a lifetime.

Messing With the Prancing Horse

The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer is ever vigilant about protecting its brand identity and logo. Imagine their shock when WhistlinDiesel unveiled his new Ferrari from underneath Lamborghini covers!

In case you don’t know, the rivalry between Lamborghini and Ferrari dates back to 1963, when Enzo Ferrari couldn’t handle constructive criticism from Ferruccio Lamborghini and told him to stick to making trucks. Since then, Ferrari has frowned on its customers buying Lamborghini sports cars.

Immediately, WhistlinDiesel grabbed a sharpie and drew obscene patterns on the Ferrari badge. Keller Moore spat on the badge while trying to erase the doodle.

Ferrari doesn’t tolerate modifications to their logo. Joel Thomas Zimmerman aka Deadmau5, for example, was sent a strongly-worded cease and desist letter for turning the prancing horse into a prancing cat!

Playing With Car Parts

WhistlinDiesel’s Ferrari F8 cost him nearly half a million, but that didn’t mean he’d treat it like a garage princess. After all, his current net worth is around $8 million. He slammed the hood down, climbed up on the car roof, and posed for Instagram photos.

Next, the Ferrari F8’s hood suffered from his experiments. Apparently fascinated by the shape of the S-duct hood vent, he shoved a plastic water bottle through it. The S-duct is designed to let air flow through it, allowing the car to reach higher speeds.

You’re not allowed to change your Ferrari’s internal parts in the first five years, but that only encouraged him. He began tinkering with the supercar, replacing the $30,000 stock exhaust with an aggressive and noisy exhaust. The new exhaust popped and banged as he took it out for a test drive.

In a later video, he called the red Ferrari mirrors “ugly” and casually sawed them off, replacing them with a different design in black.

Luxury Off-Roading

The Ferrari F8’s powerful engine isn’t meant for rough terrain, but try telling that to WhistlinDiesel!

He pushed the supercar to its limits, smashing it into a metal gate and taking it onto gravel paths. He raced up a steep hill and tried his best to get the car as muddy as possible.

He didn’t mind the dents and scratched paint, and he was almost gleeful when the dashboard gave him several error messages.

Spa Day From Hell

After making the Prancing Horse dirtier than ever, WhistlinDiesel decided it needed a good cleaning… with a high-powered pressure washer. The power washer was anything but gentle, damaging the paint job and spraying dirt into the ducts.

Back in the garage, he covered the car with an inflatable hail-proof cover and battered it with brooms, hammers, ladders, and whatever else was within reach.

A Farmer’s Best Friend

In his second video, WhistlinDiesel took the Ferrari down to a lake’s edge and started fishing right there.

Then he drove to a Texas ranch with a dozen watermelons in the trunk. Remember the S-duct on the hood? WhistlinDiesel figured it was the perfect way to measure out and transport animal feed for the farm.

He fed the capybaras slices of watermelon—and then threw more fruit at the Ferrari. He even invited a capybara into the car to enjoy the ride of his life.

Hot Hot Hot

WhistlinDiesel’s first two Ferrari videos earned him a total of 17 million views, but he wasn’t done yet. After all, he needed more than two viral videos to make back the money he’d spent on the luxury supercar.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the $400,000 Ferrari F8 caught fire in a cornfield in Texas. The combination of the hot exhaust and the dry corn stalks in the wheels led to a fast fire that burned the Ferrari to ashes.

Though no one was hurt, WhistlinDiesel’s team lost their rental minivan, a lot of equipment, and of course, the red Ferrari.

How Did Fans React?

His comments were initially full of outraged car enthusiasts who mocked him for wasting money and destroying a luxury supercar for the views. However, the majority of his fans were excited at the idea of buying a Ferrari just to destroy it. Many of them made jokes about Ferrari’s extreme lawsuit policy.

By the end of the third video, his fans were quite sympathetic to his loss. Even though he always meant to destroy the Ferrari in the end, they understood WhistlinDiesel wasn’t able to recoup his costs because of the untimely fire.


WhistlinDiesel has provided Ferrari with more than enough ammunition for a lawsuit. He criticized the car online, treated it flippantly, and even burned it down. Surprisingly, the Italian company has not yet filed a lawsuit against him. Perhaps they have moved on, now that the Ferrari F8 in question has ceased to exist.

We know one thing for sure. WhistlinDiesel won’t be welcomed with a red carpet the next time he steps into a Ferrari car dealership.

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