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Nelk Boys Net Worth 2022

The NELK Boys

The Nelk Boys is a group of five boys (three from Canada & two from USA) who are famous for their insane public pranks and challenges. The group was formed in Canada in 2010.

Their brand name is called FULL SEND and their lifestyle completely reflects the meaning of the brand which is to do anything they want without caring about the consequences.

The members have been arrested and involved in numerous violations of the law and felonies. Even the Canadian newspaper The Toronto Star mentioned them one time.

What is Nelk Boys Net Worth?

As of 2022, the total net worth of Nelk Boys is $30 million or more, but not less. Thanks to their “Full Send Metacard” NFT which amassed $23 million.

Nelk Boys Main Source of Earning

Their main source of income is from their YouTube channel which has more than 7 million subscribers. They have uploaded over 260 videos which have received more than 1 billion views. They upload 3 to 4 videos each month. Currently, they are averaging 800,000 views daily on their YouTube channel.

The members of Nelk also have their individual YouTube channel

Let’s Do The Net Worth Math…

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, a YouTuber gets $3 – $5 per thousand video views or an average of $18 per thousand ad views ($0.018 per ad-view) and longer videos have potential for gathering multiple ads. Since most of NELK’s videos are over 20 minutes, they incorporates multiple ads. Monetized ad views usually tend to make up 50-90% of the total views.

As stated at Social Blade, NELK YouTube channel receives over 24 million views per month. Considering all the above facts, NELK BOYS is estimated to earn an average of $0.018 (per ad-view) x 24,000,000 (views per month) x 70% (average monetized ad views) = $302,400 per month. This adds up to $3,628,800 or $3.6 million per year from YouTube.

Nelk Boys Other Sources of Earnings

Non-fungible Token (NFT): In the month of January 2022, Nelk launched a NFT named “Full Send Metacard” which sold out in less than 10 minutes for $23 million. Here’s the complete story.

Paid Subscription Program: They have a special paid subscription program ($20/month) called FULL SEND Club for people who are willing to pay to see pranks and behind the scenes footage which aren’t available on YouTube.

Brand & Sponsors: They have 4.2 million followers in instagram where they promote other brands.

Merchandise: They have a clothing brandFULL SEND. They sell hoodies ($70), t-shirts ($35), hats ($35) and other accessories.

They also have another website where they sell hoodies ($150 to $400), tee shirts ($75 to $120), jersey, shorts etc.

Nelk Inc. is a registered corporation in Canada under the name of Kyle & Jesse – the founder members. Nelk Inc. also has a registered trademark on FULL SEND & NELK in Canada.

The FULL SEND & NELK trademark has been registered on various product categories from time-to-time. This clearly indicates that NELK BOYS are moving aggressively into selling variety of stuffs in coming days.

In 2021, the NELK started their own brand of hard seltzer called Happy Dad. Happy Dad also has its own verified instagram account.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, Nelk Inc. has a current revenue of USD $1.72 million in 2021.

Considering other sources of income (i.e. paid subscription program, sponsors and merchandise & hard seltzer) and their year-to-year increase in revenue from YouTube channel along with the profit they made from selling NFT tokens; NELK BOYS has made a whooping money since their start.

So in 2022, NELK Boys total net worth is more than $30 million.

NELK BOYS: 5 Members

Currently all members of the group reside in California, USA.

#1 Kyle John Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard is 27 years old and was born and brought up in Mississauga, Canada. He went to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School for his high school education and went to Ryerson University for further studies.

Jesse and Kyle’s prank video You Lit Me On Fire!!! became a huge hit and they moved to Los Angeles for more opportunities. They even got the opportunity to interact with many famous celebrities.

According to Federal Corporation Information of Government of Canada, Kyle John Forgeard’s home address is 3170 Forrestdale Circle, Mississauga ON L5N 6V4, Canada

#2 Jesse William Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani is a 28 year old internet personality. He was born in Orangeville, Canada and was raised on a farm. His parents got a divorce when he was very young. Because of this he moved to Shelburne along with his siblings Jacob Sebastiani and Sarah Pearl.

He was very adventurous as a young kid and loved skateboarding and snowboarding. Before becoming a social media star he worked at an oil rig, farm and a scrapyard.

According to Federal Corporation Information of Government of Canada, Jesse William Sebastiani’s home address is 202-127 North Sykes Street, Meadford ON N4L 1W4, Canada.

#3 Stephen Deleonardis

Steve Deleonardis is 23 years old and one of the youngest members of Nelk Boys. He was born in Florida, USA and grew up in Oviedo.

He is known for his bravery to undertake any challenge even if it involves drugs and alcohol. His YouTube channel is called SteveWillDoIt implying that he would complete any challenge which his fans presented to him. After joining Nelk he moved from Florida to Los Angeles California. Steve has had many popular moments in his career. In 2019 he appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

According to SocialBlade, Steve’s YouTube channel has more than 4.2 million subscribers with 350 million total views. He must have earned around $3.8 million in total in revenue till now from his YouTube channel. This earning is apart from the NELK’s YouTube channel earning.

However, as of now, all the videos in the channel has been removed, probably because NELK team wants to keep all videos in their one particular channel.

#4 Lucas Gasparini

Lucas Gasparini is 26 years old and was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He keeps most of his personal and love life private.

#5 Salim Sirur

Salim Sirur is 20 years old and was born in San Jose, California, USA. He was born in a Ethiopian family. He has three siblings; two brothers and one sister.

How NELK Got Started?

In 2010, the Nelk channel was first created by Kyle and few other members like Niko, Marko and Lucas. Their channel was initially called NelkFilmz and was later changed to NELK.

In 2017, Lucas left the NELK due to his association with the channel’s content, which consisted of public misconduct which would affect his career.

Jesse Sebastiani joined the group later.

In 2019, Stephen joined the NELK.

In February 2020, Salim joined the NELK.

In 2020, Jesse started appearing less in the group’s videos. He said that he was sick of the constant pranks and the lifestyle he was living with the boys. His relationships with his family and friends were struggling because of his lifestyle. He has tweeted,

In February 2021, in the podcast show of Bootleg Kev, Jesse announced that he would no longer appear in prank videos. However he still works on their merchandise brand FULL SEND.

In 2021, Lucas returned and joined the rest of the team in Los Angeles.

Former members of the group are Niko, Marko Mastinovic and Jason Pagaduan a.k.a 905shooter. All of them left due to similar reasons like bad lifestyle habits, bad reputation with the public and not being able to pursue their education properly.

Here are five must-watch prank videos of NELK BOYS (popularity-wise)

NELK BOYS Scandals

The Nelk Boys are known for their dangerous and illegal pranks. They have been involved in a lot of controversies & scandals because of the activities they engage in and their lifestyle habits.

One of their most popular videos is the Coke Prank on Cops. This prank took place in Los Angeles. NELK boys told police officers that they had ‘coke’, short form of cocaine, in the back of their car. It is illegal to have the possession of cocaine. However the ‘coke’ they were referring to was actually Coca Cola. This video has more than 44 million views and is also one of their controversial videos. The funny thing is that the cops in the video didn’t express frustration and were actually amused at the prank. A few months after this video, the Los Angeles Police Department released an official statement which prohibited everyone from committing these kinds of pranks. Strict action would be taken if the statement was ignored.

This didn’t stop the Nelk Boys from performing other pranks. They acted as fake employees at a Toys“R”Us store and someone filed charges against them. Due to which Toronto Police Service arrested two members and they had to spent a whole day in jail. They were released later after they won their court case. You would think that this was enough for these guys.

But the Nelk Boys still continued with their outrageous public pranks. In January 2019, Jesse Sebastian took part in a prank where he acted like he had been involved in a crime scene. He went into a Barnes and Noble store in a fake bloody white jumpsuit and asked the workers for books to cover the blood. He was arrested by the Ohio Police Department. Here’s the complete story.

The next arrest of the Nelk Boys was in Mississippi where they tried to film a prank in Target. This happened back in May 2020. They were released on bond later.

In September 2020, NELK boys were involved in violating Covid-19 regulations. The Nelk Boys hosted a flash mob at Illinois State University which was attended by nearly 200 people. Here’s the complete story.

On February 2021, they uploaded another Coke Prank but on Colombian Cops.

Why YouTube Demonetized NELK Channel?

In September 2020, YouTube demonetized the NELK channel which completely stopped their earnings from YouTube channel, because they violated Covid-19 regulations two times. During this time the Nelk Boys relied on their merchandise sales for their income. Here’s the complete story.

Some Interesting Facts About NELK Boys

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