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  • Bugha at Fortnite World Cup Championship in New York on July 27, 2019



    Bugha Net Worth 2021

    Bugha is a famous American Fortnite streamer and a professional eSports player. His real name is Kyle Giersdorf. He got the nickname “Bugha” from his grandfather and has used the same for all his social media handles. He is especially known for playing Fortnite, though he plays other games- VALORANT, Rocket Arena & Rogue Company. […] More

  • Jayda Cheaves in Bikini on a Boat

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    Jayda Cheaves Net Worth 2021

    Jayda Cheaves is a 23 year old entrepreneur and social media influencer. She was born in Georgia, USA to an upper middle class African American family. She started out by selling clothes online and now has a huge following in social media. She has appeared in several music videos like ‘Catch the Sun’ and ‘Close […] More

  • Darin Olien and Zac Efron' from Down to Earth

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    Darin Olien Net Worth 2021

    Darin Olien is a 50-year-old nutritionist, wellness expert, author, podcast host and superfoods hunter. He is the founder of Shakeology which specializes in healthy and superfood rich shakes. He is popularly known as Zac Efron’s travel companion in ‘Down To Earth’, the Netflix documentary series. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Darin […] More

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    WhistlinDiesel Net Worth 2021

    WhistlinDiesel is a popular youtuber whose real name is Cody Detwiler. He rose to popularity after making videos of him attempting dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles. He is a truck enthusiast and most of his videos consist of him trying out new trucks or destroying them. He also makes the popular claim that he never posts videos for clickbait which has tremendously captured the interest of people online. More