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WhistlinDiesel Net Worth 2023

WhistlinDiesel is a popular youtuber whose real name is Cody Detwiler. He rose to popularity after making videos of him attempting dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles. He is a truck enthusiast and most of his videos consist of him trying out new trucks or destroying them. He also makes the popular claim that he never posts videos for clickbait which has tremendously captured the interest of people online.

Many people wonder where he gets the funds for buying vehicles worth more than $100,000, purely for the sake of destroying them.

But WhistlinDiesel makes a ton of money on his YouTube channel and this probably funds his big purchases.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

As of 2023, WhistlinDiesel’s current net worth is $7.1 million. His main source of income is his YouTube channel which has accumulated over 5.65 million subscribers. Taking all his 100+ YouTube videos his total number of views are around 660 million. His channel receives an average of a half-million views on a daily basis.

Note: More than 100 videos have been removed from his account most probably by himself in last couple of years; as he used to have 200+ videos in his account back in 2022.

However, the huge number of views can be attributed to the kind of content he makes. He has many videos where he buys brand new and expensive vehicles just to destroy them. No doubt this interests many viewers. His video ideas are also quite unique and not the generic content typical youtubers tend to make.

Let’s Do Some Calculation

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, a YouTuber gets $3 – $5 per thousand video views or an average of $18 per thousand ad views ($0.018 per ad-view). Long videos have potential for multiple ads. Since most of WhistlinDiesel’s videos are over 10 minutes, he incorporates multiple ads. Monetized ad views usually tend to make up 40-80% of the total views.

According to SocialBlade, WhistlinDiesel’s youtube channel receives around 28 million views a month in 2023 which is 20% lower than 2022. By 2023, his youtube channel has been viewed 660 million times. That’s double the number of people in USA. That’s massive.

Taking all the above factors into consideration,  WhistlinDiesel is estimated to earn an average of $0.018 (per ad-view) x 660,000,000 x 60% (average monetized ad views) = $7,128,800 till now which amounts to $7.1 million as of 2023. That is a gross net worth of more than $7 million, just from YouTube. Phew!

Though, this is not surprising considering the amount of money he spends on expensive vehicles. However, since each of WhistlinDiesel’s video has multiple ads, video sponsors and sells merchandise from website, his net worth can be even more, but not less.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$7.1 Million
Net Worth in 2022$3.2 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1.8 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1.4 Million

WhistlinDiesel’s Wife

WhistlinDiesel’s ex-wife is popularly known by the name Mrs. Whistlin on her social media accounts. She has not disclosed her real name, but according to her Instagram profile her real name is Rachel (a.k.a Rae). She sometimes appears on her husband’s Youtube videos and seems to have the same enthusiasm for cars and trucks.

They were young love, but Rachel started doing nasty on OnlyFans since 2022 and maybe that was the time when the Cody had to let her go. It must have been hard for Cody as they were perfect couple; but god knows what actually happened.

She has her own YouTube channel where she also posts automobile related videos. She loves her Ford-F-250 and has made a lot of posts about it on her instagram.

Currently she has more than 110k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 346k followers on instagram. WhistlinDiesel is said to have married her at the young age of 18.

One would think WhistlinDiesel’s wife would not approve of her husband destroying expensive vehicles, but apparently she does. Mrs. Whistlin herself featured in one of WhistlinDiesel’s videos where she destroyed a $100,000 truck with a crowbar. But as of now there are no videos on her youtube channel, most probably removed by herself.

WhistlinDiesel’s Hometown 

WhistlinDiesel was born in the rural areas of Indiana in the United States. His family was in the automobile business and had a farming and construction background which enabled him to learn a lot about farming, trucks and different equipment. He still lives in Indiana. He makes a living by producing automobile related content and selling merchandise online.

WhistlinDiesel’s Viral Moments

WhistlinDiesel started posting videos regularly after he graduated high school.

The most popular and video of WhistlinDiesel is “Catching the guy who stole 20 things from me”; which alone has gathered 25 million views.

One video which went viral and got him a lot of attention in 2019 was the ‘Fourwheeler on REAPER wheels literally tills dirt’.

In this video, he is seen attempting dangerous operations as he attaches sharp and dangerous REAPER wheels on a normal four wheeler to convert it into a super tiller. Many people applauded his creativity.

Another video of his which went viral was the ‘Monstermax drives in the ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA and DNR called)’.

In this video, he is seen undertaking the risky and brave act of driving a huge monster truck in the ocean where there were other boats and coast guards present. This feat got mixed reactions leaving some amazed while other officials were just angry at the recklessness and audacity of WhistlinDiesel.

WhistlinDiesel also went viral when he had a near death experience with a bullet. He was testing a long arm rifle to see whether its bullets would pass through the steel plates on the ground. One of the shots landed on the plates at the wrong angle which caused the bullet to deflect and graze his forehead just missing the centre of his head. It was a .50 calibre bullet which was launched from a distance of 4 feet. Fortunately the CT scans revealed that there was no damage to his skull.

WhistlinDiesel’s Scandals

There is no doubt the guy who destroys expensive trucks for a living will have some haters. His ideas often get mixed reactions. Some applaud his bravery and ability to take up unique and dangerous challenges. Others call him reckless and strongly protest against him wasting trucks and money. 

The video where he destroyed his Ford-F-350 Limited led to a lot of dissatisfaction among people. There were articles published about it including one titled Careless YouTubers Buy $100,000 Ford F-350 Limited Just to Destroy It. There were also discussions on Reddit where people had a lot of nasty opinions about him.

In the video, he is seen driving the truck through frozen hills and getting it stuck in thick, dirty bogs. This resulted in a broken driveshaft and many other parts.

He also had beef with the car Youtuber ‘TheStradman’. They have had online fights before and are not on good terms. TheStradman made a post asking his followers what color his Bugatti Veyron should be wrapped in. WhistlinDiesel commented on this post saying that if he wrapped it in grape purple just like he did to everything else, he would dig his eyes out with spoons. The car community and truck community feuded with each other online after this comment. Here’s the complete story.

WhistlinDiesel was also involved in another incident which involved the police. He held an unauthorized truck rally at 2 adjoining northside shopping malls in Fort Wayne. The Fort Wayne police stated they needed more than 3 hours to clear up the crowd which had formed there. The police confirmed with property owners that no permits had been granted for any truck rally to take place. Many people witnessed burnouts and plumes of smoke at the rally. Some customers called 911. There were a thousand trucks and several thousand people present at the rally. Here’s the complete story.

WhistlinDiesel’s Merchandise

Apart from running a successful YouTube channel, WhistlinDiesel also had his own merchandise which he sold online. He sold his line on the official Bunker Branding Co website, but unfortunately the page doesn’t have any products listed. But, you can buy from third-party sellers from redbubble.

His merchandise included a good range of shirts, hats, hoodies and other accessories like key tags and bumper stickers. One of the most bizarre features of his merchandise was that he had a T-shirt which sold for a whopping $1000. It is a plain black T-shirt with ‘this shirt cost one thousand dollars’ printed in white letters.

this shirt cost one thousand dollars

There used to be Mrs Whistlin T-shirts in his merchandise, but it is not available anymore. That’s sad!

Overall Opinion On WhistlinDiesel

Overall, WhistlinDiesel seems like a very unique character. Half of the internet loves him. The other half does not seem to like him too much. His bravery and readiness to take on dangerous and interesting challenges are definitely commendable. Fans say he does not have one fearful bone in his body.

For his young age he definitely seems to have a great knowledge about trucks. Most people save up all their money just to buy a good quality truck and invest their time in maintaining and taking care of it. This guy does things a little differently. He destroys them.

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