Karlous Miller Net Worth 2022

Karlous Miller is a 38-year-old comedian popularly known for his role on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. He host a popular podcast show – the 85 South Show.

He was born on April 2, 1983 and is about 5 ft 9 inch (175 cm) tall. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved from Mississippi to Atlanta in 2005.

Karlous has performed at many shows around the world in countries like Germany, London and Kuwait. He has also worked with the famous rapper Gucci Mane. A few of his rap style comedy albums include The Long Beach Comedy Special and The Black Wall Street Comedy Special Live in Tulsa.

Let’s Calculate Karlous Miller Net Worth

Karlous main source of income is through television shows and events. He travels a lot across the country for different shows and events where he does stand up acts and roasting sessions.

Earning from the Solo Events

According to Speaker Booking Agency and All American Speakers Bureau, Karlous Miller fees as a guest speaker is between $10,000 to $20,000 per event.

According to ticketmaster, currently Karlous is performing 6 to 8 shows a month. Considering, 8 shows @ $10,000 a month (after 10% agent’s cut) for a year gives around $960,000 which is just under a $1 million.

Additional information: The price for the each show’s ticket is between $55 to $150 per person. Each show can take in around 200 to 500 people. Considering, 300 people per event @ $100 on an average, the organizer gets $30,000+ per event. (However, each event has other performers, which organizer has to pay too.)

So every year, Karlous is able to add at least $1 million to his net worth each year, by performing as a solo guest speaker.

Earning from the Wild ‘n Out

Karlous has played many roles in different television shows. His most popular role was on the comedy show ‘Wild ‘n Out’ on MTV.

Nick Cannon, the executive producer of the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ stated that the show was worth almost half a billion although this has not been confirmed. We can assume that all the cast members including Karlous, were paid thousands of dollars per episode.

Karlous performed a 30 minute special on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network. Kevin Hart is one of the highest earning comedians and was ranked no. #1 in Forbes ‘The Highest-Earning Stand-Up Comedians Of 2019’.

Earning from the 85 South Show

Karlous is one of the main hosts of the ’85 South Show’ along with other comedians – Chico Bean and D.C Young Fly. They perform many live shows throughout the States.

According to ticketmaster, price for the show’s ticket is between $36 to $66. More than 1000 people join each of these shows, which generates around $50,000 ($50 x 1000 tickets) for the team. These shows earn Karlous a good amount of revenue, around $10,000 to $15,000 per show. The ’85 South Show’ also has a podcast where they indulge in freestyling and comedy.

As of 2022, Karlous Miller’s net worth is estimated to be more than $3,500,000.

Ashima Franklin & Karlous Miller – Relationship & Kid

Her instagram account is probably hacked right now. So don’t conclude any information from there.

Karlous Miller was in a relationship with Ashima Franklin, but they broke up.

Ashima Franklin is also a comedian who is popular for her role on Showtime’s Kattpacalypse, Ready to Love and a 3-minute appearance on Bounce TV’s Off the Chain in Season 1, Episode 107.

She used to be a writer for Russell Simmons‘ digital media company All Def which focuses on the cultural power of Hip Hop, comedy and social justice. All Def also have a YouTube channel with 4.5 million subscribers.

There were allegations against her by Russell Simmons which she responded in this video on Comedy Hype.

Karlous and Ashima had their first son Austin in December 2008.

Although Karlous and Ashima are not in a relationship, they work together in co-parenting Austin.

Karlous Miller – Wild ‘n Out

Karlous Miller was a regular cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out with Nick Cannon. ‘Wild ’N Out’ is an American comedy show which shows improvisational comedy skits, games, roasts and other comedy freestyling. It is known for its strong Hip Hop influence.

This show has featured many famous celebrities and performers like Snoop Dog, Kanye West, French Montana, Kevin Hart, Iggy Azalea and even the actress Zendaya.

Karlous Miller was a regular member on the show for many years. He was a very important member and was reported as one of the most funniest and punctual members.

However things took a wild turn when Karlous was fired from the show in 2018 without being given any explanation. He was extremely upset and expressed his disbelief on Twitter. He only got an explanation 9 months after being fired from the show.

In October he had an interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ which is an American radio show.

Charlamagne, the host of the show, confronted Nick Cannon who fired him through a video chat. Nick claimed that it was the white people of the management who fired Karlous and denied all the requests for his continuation in the show.

After a few tough months Karlous got back on stage with Nick and both of them faced each other in a rap battle.

However Nick and Karlous are back on good terms with each other again. After they had a discussion about various issues and communicated properly, everything started getting better for them.

Karlous eventually returned back to the show after the fans started requesting for his return.

Karlous Miller – TV Shows

Karlous Miller made his first television appearance on ‘Robert Townsend’s Partners in Crime – The New Generation’. It was known as the HBO Comedy Hour special which featured the comedian Robert Townsend and other special guests. It involved a compilation of stand up comedy, music, film clips and other shows.

After this, Karlous appeared on The Mo’Nique Show and the Black Card Revoked. ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ is an American talk show hosted by Mo’Nique who is a comedian and actress. The show featured guest stars, hit performances and other comedy segments. The ‘Black Card Revoked’ was hosted by Tony Rock and featured half hour episodes filled with historical, political and comedic discussions.

Apart from his popularly known role in MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, Karlous also appeared on MTV’s Yo Momma. He also finished as a semi-finalist on Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes (checkout this old video).

Karlous Miller – 85 South Show

The ’85 South Show’ is a popular podcast show hosted by Karlous Miller, Chico Bean and D.C Young Fly. They talk about various topics like comedy, culture, fashion, celebrities and various incidents in their life. Many famous guests like 2 Chainz featured on their podcast episodes.

They also host many stand up comedy and roast sessions in different parts of the country. You can get tickets for their live shows online. The ’85 South Show’ has an official website where they sell merchandise and upload the latest episodes.

Karlous Miller has a tight relationship with his podcast partners Chico Bean and D.C Young Fly.

Chico Bean is also a well known comedian, actor, rapper and producer. He appeared along with Karlous on ‘Wild ‘n Out’. His real name is Anthony Jamal Bean.

D.C Young Fly is a 29 year old comedian and rapper. He is famous for his roast sessions on instagram and vine.

Karlous Miller – Personal Life & Interesting Facts

Karlous was born and brought up in Oxford, Mississippi. He has five siblings and grew up in a large, mixed family. He moved to Atlanta to pursue comedy as a professional career. He has a 96 Impala SS car.

He stated in one of his interviews that his family was not against his decision. They were happy for him and offered their full support. Karlous said his family constantly pushes him and motivates him.

Here are a few interesting facts about Karlous Miller,

Karlous Miller’s Car Collection

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