Modern Visions: David Tajchman’s Architectural Work

Modern Visions is a representation of liberal architecture by the famed architect, David Tajchman. Renowned for his works of art and architecture, David decided to create Modern Visions for the Maribor Museum in Slovenia. He has even earned an honorable mention for his futuristic “Stealth” design proposal for the new visual arts, yet again at the same location, which is Maribor Museum in Slovenia.Modern Visions-1


According to Tajchman himself, the project is inserted in the city in direct visual and morphologic relation with its context, very similar to his earlier project, “Stealth”. And with this plan in mind, the project was created with the idea of people passing through the covered ground floor, an open public space for outdoor protected activities of the Maribor Museum. In this way, the project aims to encourage visual connections between the old and the modern city. Maribor sits at the cross point of the Alps, Adriatic and the Balkans. Other art cities such as Venice, Vienna, Graz and Budapest are a close train ride away. The scenic view was also taken into consideration and in the true essence of the word; David Tajchman has created a work of visual morphology.

As a mark of respect, the museum’s external design reinterprets the Slovenian lacework tradition, with perforated patterns that filter natural light for the exhibition spaces within. Similar patterns are used on flooring inside to make surfaces non-slippery, and to hide the technical elements (air conditioners, etc.) on the ceilings. Removable partition walls slip from structural elements that provide storage or cover technical elements to subdivide the exhibition spaces.

But the crux of the project lies in his work which is direct contrast of the archaic works of the museum. Maribor now has a living contrast of art, which breaks the regular monotony of the city. But that is not all. With offices in both Paris and Brussels since 2009, Tajchman has kept himself busy creating dramatic works of art across the globe, and teaching with Sir Peter Cook at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. But Modern Visions without a doubt is his greatest piece of work. And it stands true to its name, and is a modern vision of art and architecture.

It goes without saying that a visit to Maribor is a given. But what can be a splendid addition to the scenic view is David’s ‘Modern Visions’.

Le Plan Libre By Waterfrom Design