Designs of the current era have scaled many peaks. Be it height, length, width, material used or construction techniques; architects from every corner of the Earth have tried and successfully raised the bar for the parameters of architecture. An exciting new structural system will aim to redesign the entire industry itself. The development, unveiled at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa is named as QuaDror. The system has been invented and patented by Dror Benshetrit and by definition is a space truss geometry system, or in lay man’s terms a close fitting system, inspired by versatility and structural integrity of interlocking material and items.


Dror Benshetrit himself unveiled his work, showing that the mechanism behind these structures is surprisingly simple but it is the complex interaction of the interlocking elements that makes it so unique. From a simple block model to a bridge support system, the QuaDror system shows its abilities at all scales.Embarking on a four year investigation centred on collaboration and experimentation, Dror Benshetrit’s team developed a system that produces overwhelming strength and great adaptability to configure for a variety of conditions. It is essentially an architect’s clay. The versatility of QuaDror is an asset that makes it distinct, because of its ability to accommodate our ever-changing profession of design.

The discovery made by his team on the utility of QuaDror can be classified under five prime aspects because of which its instant application have became apparent. The five major areas of applications of QuaDror which makes its application appear almost limitless include, dividing, dwelling, trestle, fenestration, and artistic installation. And this isn’t only on the basis of speculation. It has been proven by the team that QuaDror will revolutionise the five elements beyond recognition.


The team has also proposed creation of QuaDror Homes, a use of the material, as a response to the world’s homeless population and is projected to increase and forecasted housing needs of all people.The cost-effective homes and their material are pragmatic and very easily shippable due to its compact geometry and collapsibility.  The proposed kit of parts, including QuaDror universal joints, are planned to be shipped in one 40-foot container, and are being incorporated as local materials for the envelope and beams.  The first few QuaDror Homes were anticipated for construction in 2012 in Sierra Leone and Brazil.

The chief advantages of the new structural system are numerous. Creating special purpose walls from interior walls to highway sound barriers, the QuaDror system provides the same tremendous stability as a solid cube, while using only 20% of the volume. A retaining wall would be able to withstand hurricane winds with no additional supports, while also exhibiting excellent acoustic properties. It can also become a prime aspect of architectural systems by using typical off-the-shelf beams with QuaDror joint and static joints allows for incredible speed of construction, and a complete separation of the structure and exterior cladding.

There is thus no doubt that QuaDror is an architectural and construction marvel. It is also proving to be a disaster relief item and is widely being regarded as a multi-purpose system. With uses of the system increasing almost daily, and the blessing of having no or minimum drawbacks has helped QuaDror make a world of difference in the construction industry. What remains to be seen is whether it will serve all its purposes or not.

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