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    Polygon Studio By Jeffery S. Poss and Workus

    Located near Lake George, New York in the USA, Polygon Studio is a small studio hut which is used by the owners to carve sculptures and accommodating guests. The design of the house is inspired by these two functions and reflects the utilities in a marvellous manner. More

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    Mirror House By Johan Selbing And Anouk Vogel

    Designed by the architects Johan Selbing and Anouk Vogel, ‘The Mirror House’ is the 3rd in a series of experimental housing settlements. Located in Almere, Netherlands, the house covers an area of 120 sq meters and was completed in the year 2013. More

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    Designs of the current era have scaled many peaks. Be it height, length, width, material used or construction techniques; architects from every corner of the Earth have tried and successfully raised the bar for the parameters of architecture. An exciting new structural system will aim to redesign the entire industry itself. The development, unveiled at […] More

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    Modern Visions: David Tajchman’s Architectural Work

    Modern Visions is a representation of liberal architecture by the famed architect, David Tajchman. Renowned for his works of art and architecture, David decided to create Modern Visions for the Maribor Museum in Slovenia. He has even earned an honorable mention for his futuristic “Stealth” design proposal for the new visual arts, yet again at […] More

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    Le Plan Libre By Waterfrom Design

    Le Plan Libre is a house located in Taipei city, Taiwan. Its design is inspired by the works of the late German architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, especially his proposed style of “Skin & Bones Architecture” and the swiss born architect Le Corbusier’s “5 Points Of New Architecture”. The construction was completed in 2013 and covers an […] More

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    HVW Headquarter By Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associates

    Covering an area of 5,220 sq meters, The HVW headquarter is located in Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County in Taiwan. It was designed by the architects of Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associates. The project team consisted of Hsuyuan Kuo, WenChen Lu, ChiaSheng Tsai, ChungChiau Wang, MingChung Lo and ShuMei Lee.  The setting of the building differs […] More

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    Jean Nouvel Designs 2010 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

    Architecture is breathtaking, shocking and revolutionary. Jean Nouvel’s design for the 2010 Serpentine Galley Pavilion is exactly that. In honour of the Serpentine’s 40th Anniversary, Jean Nouvel created this pavilion as a bold and strong expression of architectural design, comprised entirely of lightweight materials with dramatic planks. Such ideas have pushed architects and artistic prodigies […] More

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    Ernesto Neto’s “Navedenga”

    There have been many instances when fabulous pieces of art and literature are hidden safely in the archives and storage of museums and exhibits for the safe keeping of the work. Similarly, Ernesto Neto’s famous work of 1998 by the name “Navedenga” was acquired during the year of 2007, from the Museum of Modern Art’s […] More

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    Waterloo Youth Centre by Collins and Turner

    This dynamic new example of community architecture was commissioned by the City counsel of Sydney, Australia. The building that we see today is a refurbished form of a converted toilet block which overlooked a skate park situated near waterloo oval. It has now been amazingly transformed into this welcoming and marvellous counselling facility and communal […] More

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    Guangzhou Circle by Joseph di Pasquale

    Located at the south west boundary of the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong province, China; the building is the new headquarters of the HongDa Xingye Group and the new home for the Guangdong Plastic Exchange also known as GDPE (world’s largest trading centre for raw plastic material). The building was designed by Italian architect Joseph […] More

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    Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

    Architecture matures with man’s maturity. New contemporary architectural phenomena are the word-of–mouth in today’s world. And to give an in-depth, thoughtful look at the history, evolution and current state of such contemporary container architecture is a book by Gestalten, named the Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture. And this is considered as one […] More

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    The State of Things: At the Design Museum Holon

    If there ever has been any work of architecture which has collectively showcased the practice, consumption and cultural impact of international art and modern design, then it is “The State of Things” which hosts more than 100 objects of unique and modern design. During the month of March and April in 2010, the Design Museum […] More

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    Visual Acoustics by Julius Shulman

    Julius Shulman once rightly said “Architecture affects everybody…” “Everyone”, he said, “has the right to use it and admire it”, but he also believed that it was being taken for granted far too quickly. Mr. Julius Shulman is no more but his ideals still live on. Now, director Erik Bricker’s new documentary, “Visual Acoustics: The […] More

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